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To live in Portugal

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From your profile I deduct that you are an American. I have no idea what part of Portugal your experience is from, but you cant be farther from the truth in my experience. I am surprised that you pick out just one dish and base their complete cuisine on that. Further more why should they speak English in a Portuguese school. Want to compare that to Spain where absolutely no one speaks English.There are a number of god International schools throughout the country. I feel sorry for your bad experience here. I can safely say that compared to Spanish, Portuguese are way nicer. If not more humble. Want to compare their kitchen. The PT one is more superior, if it was only that its not drenched in oil. Again sad that you base this all on a seemingly failed marriage.

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  • jack garcia

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    I have been resident for a significant number of years in Portugal and it has been my experience that they are a delightful people, generally. Of course, there are always members of any community which portray the more unsavoury side of a society - however, it would be most unwise to judge any nation by its minority of miscreants and malcontents.

  • one more humble opinion...

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    I don't mean to interfer in you life but: how old are you???
    If your way of educating a human is hating another, the problems inside your house are not quite finished yet... maybe you should teach your children not to do the same mistakes you did. And my invitation is still on.

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    I from and living in Madeira Island. Here is a land of opportunities for you. The foreigners are not outsiders at all, they're MOST WELCOME TOURISTs even when living here... There are some countryside people here that don't even know how to write a sentence in portuguese,their language, but they give direccions to tourists in english (ex:chuch? left, rigth, ja chega la...) I don't know almost nothing from mainland but one thing Portuguese (islands and mainland) have good is the food (both meat and fish) and of course, the wine.
    Like I said, you had a really bad experience... You met a jerk and had kids with him, that's your fault not all portuguese people fault, thinking like that you're beeing racist!!!! There are idiots everywere. I'm very sad after reading your post!!
    If you ever feel the need or try to see what's good here, I can certaintly receive you at my home for as long as you want and show you a thing or two about the Portugal I live in... If you want you can bring a friend, I have a spare room. you will never want to leave again.
    I hope my english is good enough for you to understand. If you check my profile, I'm very easy to contact. All the best and good luck!

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    your post doesn't have a sense of truth.people in portugal are very polite,everyone say good morning when they go inside the elevator it doesn't matter they know you or not,you go any where you hear greetings and thanks from coffee shops to banks and administrations.they are helpful too if you don't speak their language they try to speak english for you to understand.if you want to cross the road they stop.what else do you want ???and the list is long and long .i'm married with portuguese i don't speak the language and i'm talking from experience i go anywhere i want i don't need hubby with me because people are so nice and helpful.
    you said the food is unhealthy ,hahahhhhhhhhh you made me laugh.what about burgers in usa and mayo and ketchup ,boiled potatos are healthier than fried .for sure you don't know how to cook and you have no idea what you are talking about.
    for sure you have some family issues that you couldn't fix and you came here to spread you poison .if you are good person you would never think about making your kids[ who are portuguese] hate portugal and hate their race.don't use your kids in your war against your in laws.grow up and seek mental help.good luck

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    If you look carefully at the post you'll see that the sentences seem to be "translated" into English. Notice the many exclamation marks and incorrect spelling?

    "I can't imagine raising a family and putting my children in a school that don't know how to speak english."

    If this person is American and English speaking - Wow. If you're going to be ignorant at least attempt to sound educated. Before you make blanket statements about millions of people make sure you can speak/spell English words yourself.

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    Let me see if I can find something nice near you...
    Just tell me where do you live...

    I believe that things will get better... but if not:
    I am sure that you will find the best way to work out
    any situation, any problem,
    and to show everyone the BEST YOU ever...

    P.S. and please do try the cakes... portuguese people have great cakes, incredibly sweet

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