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    Hello, I have been studying for the past 5 years in Romania, and i can assure you that
    for the past years the Universities here in Romania have progressed to a great level. The university i am studying (Gr.t.Popa) has made a variety of changes, and soon they will be starting E-learning.

    If anyone who was searching for Romania to study 5 years back i would of told them exactly opposite of above, but now Romania is a very descent and yet affordable place to study comparable to other European countries.

    Some of the very well know universities are : Carol Davile, Cluj Napoca, Gr.t.Popa

    If you have questions about admission and application procedure, well i heard you can apply from Ministry directly but i came through an agency which did all the work with out any hastle and they were very supportive. You can check them out "www.roedagency.com"

    Hope this info helps. Good luck.

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