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    Hi John B,
    This must be a very new rule as this is the first time I am hearing about this, and yes, I agree, many rules in the Kenyan system do not make sense; however, many of these changes have been due to recent insecurity activities in the country...
    Have a look at the available Passes and see if you can find a way to come under any of these; http://fathershandltd.com/about-us-2/passes/
    I wish there was a way you could find US/ German (as I see your flag is German) employment that could allow you to work "from home" in Kenya; you could then apply for the Class K permit which would allow you to reside in Kenya without having to be formally employed in Kenya but you would meet the requirement of receiving wages from outside the country. See this link for requirements (scroll down to Class K); http://fathershandltd.com/about-us-2/entry-permits/
    If you happen to have investments in Kenya and can receive wages from these investments, e.g. rent, you could be eligible for the Class K.

    Otherwise, if none of the above work, I wish you all the best with locating employment in Kenya.

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