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Why is it so hard to make friends in Switzerland??

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Is it just me or is it really hard to find some people in Switzerland who are willing to make good friends with you (especially to foreigners)??
I've been there for only 6 months and I heard you need at least 3 months to completely settle down there so maybe I've been there just too short...what do you think?

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    When the oil & gas in the US dries up in 20-30 years' time, and you can no longer control the world through war (and so loose control of other nations' natural resources), and your poorly educated population becomes continually more lazy and materialistic, you'll be wondering what happened as your country slips gradually from a single century of relative wealth (much of it stolen) towards third world levels for the majority of your people.

    Switzerland will still be going along as they've done for centuries, with very few natural resources other than their people, and the resources that the people of other nations pledge to them to keep safe, invest or multiply.

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    I agree with Jim Jackson (in part).
    Dr. G Bonsall's post makes no sense whatsoever. "Swiss citizens vote every few months on important matters.".. so this means they are not racist? And how old are these people who vote? I'm willing to bet the vast majority are old, retired people who are still living in the 60s.

    And Swiss people don't seem to like Swiss people.. if this is not the case, how do you explain the large percentage of Swiss people married to non-Swiss people?

    The problem is that you can't make friends by seeing someone once.. that's why the majority of people meet through school or work. You need repeated contact. Most of the events or clubs you join will propose an event.. what.. once a month? and even if you go every time (which is highly unlikely) you're very unlikely to see the same people every time.. so assuming you go to these events 12 times a year you might still never see the same people except the organiser...

    and as a single person in my 30s I don't want to meet uni students, couples with babies, stay at home parents, or retired people... we have nothing in common.. I see plenty of my 'type' of people hanging out in cafés and bars but they're obviously locals who've known each other for years and years... who would never even read a forum like this. I've been to so many events and clubs and gatherings I'm sick of it... you meet once, have a nice time, maybe exchange some numbers and then never hear from them again.

    I also think that Swiss in general are very aloof and introverted... Indeed it also seems like the vast majority of people in Geneva live alone with very little contact with others.

  • Vai al profilo di Clint Bem

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    I've just been scanning this forum. Have you seriously been posting cr#p about the Swiss on here since 2009?
    Are you still living in Switzerland? If you are then you should maybe move on!
    Or did you once get sick on too much Swiss chocolate and are now taking revenge?

    I am South African. I have stayed in Switzerland several times and have always been amazed by their hospitality (other than the prices); they are a happy, educated, hard working people who also find time to enjoy life. They can be "introverted" at first, but that depends largely on the person.

    I've visited extensive parts of the USA too. The first time I went I was seriously asked if we had lions in our streets. Your country is also beautiful in parts (and very ugly in others), but I'd take slightly introverted, educated, gentle, pleasant Swiss people over loud, overly-extroverted, often poorly educated Americans any day. Okay, not all of you are like that, but very many are, and I'd bet that you are.

    Let's just say that I'm not surprised that your average American does not fit too well into Switzerland. But I think it's you who need to consider your ways and perspectives.

  • Vai al profilo di Jim Jackson

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    My dear friend. Switzerland is known for racism against foreigners for years . This country is a good democracy for the swiss and the swiss only! Check how africans live in Switzerland... They are treated like animals by the swiss. they get the worst treatment as you may know. The swiss discriminate against every body who is not swiss. They are very unhappy people as you know. The hate themselves also.
    They have way too many laws limiting themselves from lots of fun. It is a country a good country for wild life and that is. Swiss cheat the whole world with their unfair money steeling banking system . They of course do not lead the world on anything except for RACISM>

  • Vai al profilo di Daniel L

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    What a load of cods wallop!!! You are SO busted...cheapskate for placing your 'dentist' advertisement here. We are not amused. Hahahahaha. See ya in hell sistaaaaa.

  • Dr G. Bonsall Basel´s English Dentist

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    Racism in Switzerland? None that I know of. Indeed, Switzerland is a great, leading democracy, a country which gives you citizenship according to your beliefs, not your skin colour or race or ethnicity. Switzerland has a proud history of neutrality and helping others who are oppressed. Swiss citizens vote every few months on important matters.

  • erion kondi
  • Vai al profilo di rogelio tomas

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    Dear Lorenzo,
    I have lived in New York and in Geneva for years.
    Do you fear that there is more racism in Switzerland than in USA?
    This surprises me as I would tend to think the opposite... However
    maybe from outside it is seen differently as some politicians here in
    Switzerland make lots of noise with very politically incorrect campaigns
    (but this is not the real daily life here!).
    I would advise you not have to have any concern about this!

  • Vai al profilo di rogelio tomas

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    I come from Spain and indeed I spent many years without meeting
    real Swiss people. After making a kayak course:

    I met 2 great Swiss friends and more recently in a cake decoration course
    I entered a new community:

    Swiss people are great and they like to do things so I recommend to uptake
    any activities to further discover the country and the people!

  • Vai al profilo di Daniel L

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    For expats, surely it is difficult in any country to connect socially. But the Swiss are especially "special". Maybe it is because they are neither French nor German nor Italian but carry parts of all these different national identities in them.? I dont know. Try and try again, is all I can say. Also there are enough interesting "foreigners" and people with foreign backgrounds who tend to be more my/our wavelength. So do not despair. Joing a club (or Verein as they say here) is an option as mentioned above but only if you are not a "darkie" like me. (the strange looks are just too much! & sometimes they require a written application: how messed up is that?!!) Hehe.

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