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    First of all, you lucky to have Lithuanian gf. ;]

    Well, in Lithuania basically everything is how Roel told. Don't be surprised that everyone (men) will shake hands with you. That is the common welcome in Lithuania. Be careful of so many sales, most of the are misleading and has no discount. Better have some Lithuanian friends with you if you go to club or else where for the night. If some one will ask you for a smoke, be ready to fight.:\

    Don't be surprised if people will be cold. Most are couscous and as France study shows Lithuanians are second according closure (low emotional expression).

    If you need help with language there are many course: http://lingualit.lt/index.php?id=326
    As i work for Lingua Lituanica I would suggest you a intense summer course:

    August 5 to 17 2013, Lingua Lituanica will hold a two-week Lithuanian language Summer Course. Separate groups for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students are planned. The Course runs for 4-6 academic hours per day, with Language practice for 44 hours and Lithuanian history, literature and ethnology for 6 hours. Students will participate in interesting activities to develop their communication skills and enjoy a diverse cultural programme. Intensive Summer Course is the best way to learn language quickly!!!

    We are supported by Lithuanian Language Society.

    Lingua Lituanica student Larissa Ch. (Canada) It was fun! I learned a lot and met new friends! My progress in Lithuanian 100% better than before I came here. Very interesting cultural programme!

    Languages of instruction
    English, Russian, French, Italian, Lithuanian.

    The Centre is conveniently located at Gedimino ave. 26 (3rd floor), just 6 minutes from the Cathedral.

    Price/ Certification
    The course costs 1400 Lt. Students will get a Lithuanian language Summer Course Certificate.

    Contact Information & Registration
    By e-mail: [...] (subject "registration"), by telephone +370 5 231 3239 or just visit us!

    Hope this would help. :)

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