Arvind Vaidya


Arvind Vaidya
 Arvind Vaidya
Ahmedabad (India)
China, Kuwait, Oman, Ahmedabad, Dubai


  • Arvind Vaidya
     Arvind Vaidya

    Surly you can join my business. In fact if i get a good partner / financier i can start a new company for him. But before that we must understand each other and we should know every thing about each other than only we should join each other . In fact i want a family member to expand my business

  • saral kumar
     saral kumar

    Hi dear Arvind hw r u am from mumbai can i joint in your business pls reaply to me

  • Arvind Vaidya
     Arvind Vaidya

    Interested in having sponcer or partner to start business in oman
    My business activities are as follows ,

    1) We manufacture teflon coated fibreglass cloth Belts used in sealing machine , Fusing machine Belts used for fusing of garment , Mesh Conveyor used in U.V. Curing ,Relaxo Dryer used for drying of printed fabric., It is also used in confectionary and Biscuit manufacturing plants. There are many other applications.

    2) We manufacture all types of Packaging machines such as Shrink tunnel, Continuous Sealer, L sealer Continuous Sealer, Auger Filler, Box Strapping Machine, Oil and paste packaging machine , Web Sealer . We also manufacture Plastic Injection molding machine for Pet Bottles,Pouch making machinery such as center seal,Zip pouch, standup pouch , Carry bag & FFS Machine.

    We are glad that you have shown in establishing above business activity in Oman.
    We offer our services and full co operation in establishing business set up there.

    A) To start we can first manufacturing and trading of Teflon belts ,we will manufacture all types of Teflon Belts such as 2Ply sealing Belts , Mesh conveyors& Garment Fusing Belts .All these belts will have joint .
    B) We will import Seamless sealing Belts & Seamless Garment fusing Belts from China and will market them in Omen.
    C) We have complete know how for doing all activity desired to start and run the above business successfully.
    D) We will import Teflon adhesive fabric and will market in omen

    In second stage we will install plant for manufacturing of Teflon Fabric and Teflon Adhesive plant, We have complete know how for the above plant . We also can arrange manpower to run the plant.

    Regarding Packaging machinery, we would suggest to start with trading of machinery . We have very good contacts with reputed manufacturers who can supply at a very reasonable rate . Only we will have to take responsibility of installation and servicing..
    We can give give training to the service person so that he can give after sales to the customer. Once our this set up is well established we can start manufacturing of all the machines in Oman itself . We will provide all facility and know how for the production line

    For our products you can go through our web site and ,

    We are confident we can go together to promote your business activity in Oman and abroad also. Pl feel free to ask any query .

    We understand to reach to some conclusion you will need time and you may need to discuss with us .We are ready for any sort of discussion and clarification from your end.
    If necessary we can come over there for further discussion ,provided you arrenge for visa and other arrangement.

    We assure you that our meeting will open many links of business inwhichyou have interest,

    Thanking You
    For Delta Packaging Industries

    Arvind Vaidya