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Why are Austrian so cold?

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Seems like they are not interested at all by foreigners... and even that they don't like them. Austria is a lovely country so I don't get why his inhabitants are acting like that.
I feel a little bit rejected there...

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  • Ghulam Mustafa

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    I have been living in Wien for last 6 months. Austrians are good people as far as i know .But I dont have the experience with Wieners.I can say anything about them. Most of the people are living in the world are good. Some good people start behaving bad with god people because of their bad experiences with bad people. I think that this is major issue which everyone should take care of. Everyone is not the same. Bad experiences does not give you the right to behave bad with good people. Anyhow This is kind of philosophy. And If someone is ignoring you or behaving bad with you , just behave good with them . You will see the positive result at the end. This is not a big deal that if someone is bad with you and you are also bad with them , what is the result , both are bad. big deals. Come on lets start loving people and forgiving people.

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    thanks for your message.I'll be in Austria for at least 6-months.I don't speak German but am willing to learn. It will be better you inform me of the different room rates so that I can be able to make a choice. Chao

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    sorry for my late reply...but was on vacation.
    well, i know where you can search an room for rent - but are you able to speak german? cause this platforms i think all on german.
    how long will you stay in vienna? and how much money do you want to spend to the room?
    greetings from vienna

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    from what you wrote i observe that you're open, kind and sincere. I'll be in Vienna from the 5th of next month, can you help me to get a room 4 rent in a shared apartment? Also, this is my 1st time to Austria...would like ur pieces of advice. Also u can write me on: [...]


  • life in Austria

    posted by Deleted user in Austria forum 

    After 1 year living in Vienna, I can still say "I love this place!!!" I used to live in the US and for many years in Japan. If you don't speak the local language you would always have hard time and you will be more or less an outsider. It feels less like that in Vienna, because many people speak English. (I am learning German now, but don't speak it yet). But speaking the language is a key in ANY country.
    I actually never thought that people here are cold or rude or whatever.
    Best place on earth!

  • Awesome D

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    I think you need to force yourself into them by trying to teach them how to shake there body and Dance , free them from Addictive workforce engaged to there computers , make them laugh, be comedian or puppet for them to accept you , let there men know they need not to be scared of the sweat lovely ladies around them and living them for the foreigners to get married to and making babies for them,the fact is that they are really stressed out scared to face the fact and responsibilities with there family or loved one,s ,

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    Unfortunately, I have negative feeling. Although I have such a good job, good working conditions and good living in Austria for almost 5 years but I still cant integrate well with people here. Quite often that people look down or behave badly to me because of my Asian looks. Once they know what I am doing here, they start to be a little bit more friendly but still cold and distances. At work, the company need to treat all employees equaly. I have even a nicer office than other Austrian colleges, but never know, if there are really equally workload, chances and career prospect.
    I do not speak well German even living here for some years. People are happy to speak English to me to improve their English. Not so many people try to speak high German and speak slowly to me. These situations happened from people at work, at home and everywhere. Some people are nice and opened mind, I know , but not many I have found.
    I am always pity to myself. I always wonder why I am here to such an unfraindly place.
    What I could do to survive here are patient, smiles and try to think positive. We cant change them. I try to adjust myself but didn't work. Now I try to learn how to react with their behavier instead of trying to understand them. Or at the end, if everything don't work, considering moving to other countries.

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    ...and i have many friends from other it depends WHERE you are in austria....for example in a "bigger" city its easier to find friends...but it needs time and a open mind.....i am sure you guys here know some ppl for example from work or? so ask them - maybe they know places where nice ppl to meet.....and of course yes...when you are TOTALLY not able to speak german its hard - but not only in austria! when the ppl here see that you are trying to speak german and WANT to learn it i am sure they will like you.....

    if somebody have questions or someting - feel free to write me!
    cheerz susan

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    and you are european, we third world country citizens certainly will have it harder than you.
    but, my austrian friend is very open and fun, and she is from the south. where do you live?

  • Pseudo Nym

    All the best.

    posted by  Pseudo Nym in Austria forum 

    Good luck with it all Miguel.

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