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    Canadian immigration system

    posted by  Juan Molinari in Canada forum 

    Hi Diane. It is my pleasure to talk about this issue.

    Well, just to begin, in your second paragraph you said:
    “Data published on Wikipedia does not mean that we have to accept this data as is and not debate it, Wikipedia is made by users just like you and me.”

    I cannot agree with you on this. Despite the fact that Wikipedia has a “free writing” policy, meaning that everyone can contribute with texts, it is not an anarchic encyclopedia. Each text posted there is “quarantined” and they must conform to some rigid standards. Everything is verified by editors who have conquered a reputation of integrity working as volunteers. One of those standards is the quotation of REFERENCES.

    I guess you did not notice that the article from which I transcribed some passages in this forum is FULL of references. Those numbers you see between brackets after a sentence indicate the references in the bottom of the text.

    For example, in the sentence on the first paragraph “A 2007 Statistics Canada study shows that the income profile of recent immigrants deteriorated by a significant amount from 2000 to 2004.[1]”, if you click on the [1] you be instantly directed to the following reference on the bottom:

    1 - a b c Chronic Low Income and Low-income Dynamics Among Recent Immigrants, Statistics Canada, January 2007, URL accessed 30 January 2007

    If you click on the title above (on the site of Wikipedia), you will open the paper to which it refers, in this specific case:

    "Analytical Studies Branch Research Paper Series”, Chronic Low Income and Low-income
    Dynamics Among Recent Immigrants
    ”, by Garnett Picot, Feng Hou and Simon Coulombe
    . Catalogue no. 11F0019MIE — No. 294
    , ISSN: 1205-9153, ISBN: 978-0-662-44993-5
    , published by no less than , let's see: “Published by authority of the Minister responsible for STATISTICS CANADA, MINISTER OF INDUSTRY”. (By the way, I strongly recommend that you read this paper in order to understand the phenomenon of persistence in chronic low
    income among immigrants.

    And if you take your time to go through all the 67!!! references on that text, you will notice that many, or most of them, are information provided by the GOVERNMENT OF CANADA, while others are ACADEMIC RESEARCH PAPERS or ARTICLES BY RESPECTED MEDIA OUTLETS”. In other words, that text is entirely supported by serious references!

    Now, going back to what you said: “Data published on Wikipedia does not mean that we have to accept this data as is...” (sic).

    Before continuing I have to ask you: After my explanation above, do you accept the data and the references provided by the text? If not, could you tell us why?

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