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    The Funnel Apprentice Scam 2017 - Christian Gasper Impersonating as John Malcolm

    posted by  Danny Simpson in Germany forum 

    Hi All,

    Please be aware that The Funnel Apprentice (thefunnelapprentice.com) is German Christian Gasper's latest Email Marketing Scam projects (April 2017).

    Many of us who had been scammed a few thousand dollars each by him last year started to receive make money online emails from a person called "John Malcom" from "thefunnelapprentice.com" at the end of March 2017.

    (If you have been receiving emails from such a person and website, please do not buy anything from him!)

    Using Google search, we found out that Hesse Internet Scammer Christian Gasper had setup facebook pages with his real photos and real name "Christian Gasper" at www.facebook.com/thefunnelapprentice and www.facebook.com/thefunnelapprent. He left is a link back to his thefunnelapprentice.com website on both pages. Thus we can confirm Christian Gasper as the real owner of the funnel apprentice (thefunnelapprentice.com) and not the faked name and faked photo "John Malcom".

    We reported it at the comments section of www.allenmartinscam.com/allen-martin-scam/ and ripoffreport - www.ripoffreport.com/reports/christian-gasper/hesse-65195/th

    After being exposed, Christian quickly deleted his www.facebook.com/thefunnelapprent page and deleted his personal photo and posts at www.facebook.com/thefunnelapprentice (page still available).

    His First Email:

    "My apologize! Here are 2x methods to make 50+/Day – Link inside!

    “We haven’t spoken since a very long time, and I apologize but I had
    some really serious health issues from which I had to recover first.

    But since you’re on my list for a long time, you know that I deliver only
    value stuff to my list, whether if it’s the WSO’s you’ve bought/downloaded
    from the forum or from warriorplus or through methods I shared with you.

    However, I believe you understand.

    Today I wanna provide you with 2 methods I’ve developed, tested over and over
    again that will work for you too.

    These methods will teach you how to use Clickbank in combination with free
    traffic to make real commissions online & the other bonus is all about how to
    build a solid recurring income stream… even if you’re a newbie.

    You can download both methods below:

    Talk tomorrow

    P.S.: In a few days, I’m gonna send you another really cool method that you can apply this week, and finally make your first money online….

    Keep an eye open for my next mail… there are only 10 copies available.”

    On 8th April 2017, Christian Gasper tried to push for his $100 a day Done For You (DFY) CPA (Cost Per Action) course. which was exactly the same internet scam that we got scammed in 2016!!!

    Be Aware!

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