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    Thank you Aniya for nice advice:)

    Yes, it is a good idea to teach online too, I do that here as well actually, in some way. I made a site for my Polish students, this is my class, I have boys there only:) They are at the age of 19 now, this is the last year before their final exams. And I made the site just for them, to keep in touch with them not only at school. I put there some tasks in English for them from time to time, they learn English there too, but rather for fun. Normal, regular lessons we have at school, so this is only something extra for them.

    I am not in hurry to start working in Italy this September, even if I would love it, but I am not only a teacher at my school, but also an international programme coordinator..

    So as you can imagine, there are lots of duties and huge responsibility to organize everything..This is the last year of the programme ( 3rd year), this is why I am looking for something to start next September. I hope my qualifications are good enough..I have University diploma, it was language studies (English), so just everything about language.. Its history, literature etc.

    And of course, I keep working on my Italian...

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