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new born baby visa

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i am currently working in ksa with family vsa wife went to india for delivery. can i bring back my new born baby with out any separate visa.

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    I have similar concern like you, 7 months old baby boy, Does he need visa or he can come on mothers passport. Please share your experience or advise me.


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    I talked to saudi airline office today & they told me that Infant require "Travel Authority" which can only be provided from saudi airline.Once you arrive in saudi arabia you need to show it to immigration office they will stamp & write boarder entry number on it.This what I heard, yet not experience it.

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    Hi I am working in Jeddah and my ikkama profession is steel fixer . my wife was working in dammam ministry and she lost job as part of Saudization and we applied for release and she is transferred to my visa under local transfer. now she is in india for the delivery . now her exit re entry will expire on april first week and am planning to bring my daughter also with her to kingdom. she(daughter) is having valid passport Is my daughter have to apply for new visa ?or she can come with her mother with all the original documents?

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    New Born Visa

    posted by  Afraa Shakir in Saudi Arabia forum 

    I am on my fathers Iqama, got married last year. My husband was also in KSA and now he recently moved to Qatar.
    I am expecting a baby, and planning to carry out the delivery here.
    Would you please tell me the procedure for the newborns visa.
    Awaiting you your reply.

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    Assalamu Alaykom ALL

    I have government visit visa and my wife also

    My son 1 year and 10 months (less than 2 years) have no visa and have a separate passport

    I need to travel to KSA for 2 weeks with my wife and son

    My question is does he need visit visa? or just his passport and air tickets?

    In case he need visa can he have it at KSA airport?

    In case he need it from KSA embassy at my country Egypt, is there online form to apply for him for visa or what procedure should I do?

    Remember that I don't work at KSA

    I leave at Egypt

    I just have visit visa for 6 month multiple entry me and my wife.

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    whether Entry visa is required to bring my baby form india .my wife has valid iqama and exit reentry .now my baby is around 4 months

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    Newborn traveling from Saudi arabia

    posted by  Abdul thamish in Saudi Arabia forum 

    During Final exit visa time my wife gave birth here in Saudi Arabia. Is it possible my son travel to home country without his iqama on final exit?

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    You just make your following documents officially stamped by HR and ask them to stamp it from chamber of commerce too;

    - Employment Letter
    - Job offer from your employer
    - Contract between you & employer where it is mentioned that you're entitled for family rights, off-course you have mentioned that clause because your wife is on official residence permit.

    The above is more than enough for your case if you have more energy and looking for more safe options then ask to Saudi Embassy that please give me official link or document where your requirement mentioned.

    By the way it is my personal observation that such peoples do not know the actual requirement. Therefore, ask them legal copy or link on official web.

    Here is another link for your study to meet your satisfaction;!ut/p/c0/04_SB8K

    I did not provide the above mention things and my request was completed.

    You can also hire an agent to proceed your documents in Saudi embassy after the baby born and their fee is around approx. 200 US Dollar

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    Thanks for your help it is very helpful. I spoke to the saudi Embassy in the Uk they said what you said, but they added that i need a letter from my sponspor outlining that I am permitted to bring my child over, than she added that it has to be certified by the ministry of foreign affairs etc but this is what shocked me she said oh you cant get this letter before the baby is born the baby needs to be born than the letter must require details about the child! my company laughed and said what is this? so while Im in London and the child is born than i have to request a letter from than they have to send it so my company said that this is not correct they said we will give you an employment letter and than you can try with this first, so I am in serous doubt.

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    - You can go with your wife or alone to UK. I must suggest you to make delivery of your child in UK for his/her nationality of there.
    - Once your wife will give birth of child or before it, you can come back alone or with family
    - Remember your wife can't travel after the 7th month because of airlines policies.
    - You can come back with her or without her during the period approved to stay out from KSA as per exit/re-entry visa
    - Your wife can get exit /re-entry visa for maximum one year but you can get as per company requirement.
    - Suppose you come back and your wife will stay there and she gives a birth of child then she can come back with her child after the following (even in your absence in UK);
    1) Prepare the passport of child
    2) Get entry visa from Saudi Embassy in UK (That require parents (passport and eqama copies, with child passport etc.)
    3) Once she will come back to KSA then you must report to MOI (Immigration, Jawazat) for the Eqama of your son.
    It will give your son following;
    - Nationality of UK
    - Eqama of KSA
    - No interruption in your duties.
    - Safe delivery of Son etc...
    Brother, I have faced same problem and I followed the same procedure in recent month. You may contact me on following contact for further clarification;
    My best wishes are with you & your family.

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