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What do you like / hate most about the French?

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As a French girl myself, I'm interested in what people from other countries think about us ;)

So: What do you like (or hate) most about French people?

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    Im norwegian, and Im planning to move to France when I get older because I think a warmer climate would be abenefit for me then.
    I like France because they try to hold on to their own culture, rather than just becoming anglified like so many other countries. Even Norway is now like some kind of american outpost...
    Im also very interested in history and I would highly appreciate to live somewhere history is taken care of and remembered.
    The fact that France also dont have an official state religion is also a good thing.
    I dont yet know much about the people of France, but Im planning to do my homework properly before I go, like speaking the language, and general studies first.

    It will all be very interesting, Im sure. =)

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    I love France and the people;The sad thing is their culture is disappearing. The tele is full of American shows, people eat too much processed microwave or fast food and the kids are getting fat. There is no excuse for not learning the language if you are going to stay here. No it's not easy; it's the hardest thing I have ever done, but at least I am trying. Anyone in Aude?

  • harleena kassim

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    I'm harleena and i'm going to tolouse end of this year. I'm from Malaysia and I suppose most of you don't know where Malaysia is. Our language here is Malay language but most of Malaysian speak english. I'm not good in english but in Malaysia, people speaks english language with foreigner.The very main concern for me going to tolouse is because of the language. I was told that french people do not speak english although they know how to speak in english. Now, i'm trying to learn french language although it's very difficult for me.
    I hope I will get along well living in tolouse as i will be there for few years.

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    Hi Tajina and Julia,
    This is not because english is a language spoken by a lot of people that it should be universal. This is very convenient to think that when you speak english, but what would you think if all of a sudden someone decides that chinese sould be the universal language? because for some french people english is like chinese and they can't, and, to be honest, they do not need to speak it. I think the difference of languages is very interesting and when you decide to live somewhere, it comes with learning the language and the way of life. That's the interresting part of it. If you move in a country you have to accept that. People may think that french people are arrogant speaking only french in France, but what about english people speaking only english in France expecting everybody to understand?
    I didn't mean to be rude, but i really think it would be a terrible loss to stop trying to speak french just because english is an international language.

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    Well, from my point of view France is very similar to other countries. Normally, it,s pretty difficult to find British people who can speak Spanish; German people who can speak French or Spaniards who can speak other language than Spanish. Mainly when they are old.
    I,ve got all those experiences travelling through Europe. There was not a big problem because I can speak some English, some French, Spanish (of course) and normally I prefer to prepare my trips as well as possible (maps, some history about each country, geographical acknowledges, some idea about their way of life including food, fees at the restaurant-taxi-etc., usual timetables during the day ...). I think the best way to enjoy travelling is to get some idea from each country to compare.
    For example I,m Spanish and our way of life is very different comparing to European. There is a lot of loud in my country, many "fiestas",quite strange timetables for food or to have a drink, different weather ... lot of differences. But I can,t expect other countries must be the same as Spain. In fact, the main interest for me is that other countries, normally, are completely different. As curiosity, Ireland is very similar to Spain under my point of view and Danemark has some "mediterranean" smelt, too.
    I like France very much. Because its landscapes, quiet way of life, well educated people, similar dishes and food and because I can feel that French people is very interested into artistic matters. In fact, France is the best place for me to draw or painting. I,ve felt myself always very good there. That,s the main reason I would like to live there. And there is not a lot of distance to Spain from France.
    Well, sorry for badly English. I,m writing directly without dictionary help or previous plan. Hope you can understand what I mean.

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    I've never been to French but i hope to one day. One of things i can say i really like is the French Language. I guess you could say i'm a language fanatic that's why but i really do love the language.

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    Dear all
    I've made a site :
    made to let you understand the french culture !
    I'm searching for witnesses (like you!) to write me articles about what your culture think about the french (fair coments)
    Go on that site, choose top 10 what the :
    american think of the french....
    i'd like your feedback coming from Your culture !!!!
    thanks !!!

  • Valentina Caldas

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    I totally get the fact that if you do not speak french correctly they are like hello what!

    but that is not really what bode rs me, the thing I have notice int he 6 months I have lived here, is that; even if they talk about equality, I really don't think they know what is the meaning of this word: the belief that all people ought to be treated equally! is like, they like to talk about Equality, but really have no clue on what that really means...

    I don't know, I have lived in USA, Istanbul, Greece, Ecuador, Spain, Peru etc... and I think I have a pretty world wide view of what is a (hard life) in some of what are called " thered world country's " and even there, people SMILEY and try to look at the positive things in life in every day, they have Hope that keeps them going, here I feel people are very (pampered) by the government, by health insurance etc... but still, they MUST they have to find something negative to look forward to talk about or feel, and you can see this in there faces, makes me really confused.

    I have meet some French people who have travel around to 3rd W Country's and of curse they have a different point of view of life, but they are rear people to run in to.

    Anyways about the cheese that was hilarious... and yea the food is not really do it for me also! I wish french people will one day ( not generalizing pls ) will look for the positive and not the glum my and dark side of life :)

  • Valentina Caldas

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    Well there are many goos and bad things everywere in the world, but I have to say that France is not an easy place to meet people...lol
    they are very close up! and they only get together in bars to meet up...so thats a bit hard
    Is a lovely country :) just think it will be nice for people to be more trusting and smile :)))) more


  • Stefan Cosma

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    I find pretty normal for a country to try to protect it's language. I had been living in FR for 4 months and I got the big picture of what's going on there. Before going any further, I must mention that I speak English and French fluently, and German at a conversational level. Mother language is Romanian.

    A thing that I don't like about France is that you are supposed to speak perfect french, with perfect pronunciation, or you'll get a big "quoi??" It happened to me on the airport, where people should be more understanding with the foreigners trying to speak French.

    I cannot ask everybody out there to speak English. But there are some domains such as IT where EN is vital for accomplishing your tasks, read documentations and so on. In France, every technical term is translated, which is not the best practice.

    Anyways, lesson learned, I'll speak EN in France only for fun (example, "tout droit", which means "straight ahead" was translated to me as "all right").

    On the contrary, I must congratulate the Germans for being bilingual. I met a few of them in FR, they were speaking French. And German is the most widely language used in EU (and I mean by that Germany, Switzerland and Austria). I've been to Frankfurt, München and Stuttgart. Luckily I speak German, so I had no problem getting along. But what I like about them is that they kindly appreciate any struggle to speak their language, and will address to you in another one that both can understand when having problems. That's something to be learned from.

    Things I like in France: the sights, tourist attractions
    Things I don't like: food (really, to little and to expensive), the way they drive, the cheese (man, it stinks worse than my socks).

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