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    reply to tajina and julia

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    Hi Tajina and Julia,
    This is not because english is a language spoken by a lot of people that it should be universal. This is very convenient to think that when you speak english, but what would you think if all of a sudden someone decides that chinese sould be the universal language? because for some french people english is like chinese and they can't, and, to be honest, they do not need to speak it. I think the difference of languages is very interesting and when you decide to live somewhere, it comes with learning the language and the way of life. That's the interresting part of it. If you move in a country you have to accept that. People may think that french people are arrogant speaking only french in France, but what about english people speaking only english in France expecting everybody to understand?
    I didn't mean to be rude, but i really think it would be a terrible loss to stop trying to speak french just because english is an international language.

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