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    Hello Daniel,

    I have already written how much I like your site and how great idea is the community" and forum too:) I am still here, even if not writing maybe too much, but reading carefully and finding a lot of useful advice and information.
    And I really apprecciate this site and people here.

    I have an idea that could be useful as I suppose.
    It concerns "sent" messages.
    It is not seen to whom it was sent on the list of messages, there is shown only a title of the message, two first lines of the message and a sender..
    Is that possible to see the receiver without opening a sent message, but just looking at the list of them? Maybe it is not a problem, maybe I should change something in my settings?
    I am leaving for some days now, I hope you will answer my message when you can:)

    With greetings,

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