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    פורסם על ידי משתמש בוטל ב-  כדור הארץ פורום 

    Thank you all for your congratulations. It's a great motivation for the whole Just Landed team to hear from you that our efforts are paying of and that you like the site!

    Now that our community is life and more and more members are joining every day, we're still learning many things that we can improve in the future. One thing we will have to do is to work out better how to show deleted posts as the ones above. Additionally, we will have to decide how to best moderate the forum, i.e. what to do when people post a local discussion in the world forum - and how to tell people not to start completely "off-topic" posts in an ongoing discussion (like posting a message in Polish to another Polish member in this discussion ;o). Of course - we're always thankful if you could tell your view on these points - as in the end this site should be working for you, the members of our community!

    @Sharon: We can't recommend you any French course, but why don't you post this question in the Switzerland forums and see if some of the members there can recommend you one?

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