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    Hi respective

    First of all I will appriciate you and your team to develop and maintain this beautiful portal.

    I will request if you can keep this portal clean of nude pictures and stuff like that. Picture verification process if started will be a great initiative.

    Normally users stop using such kind of portals when this thing comes in.

    Secondly I will aslo request to add some features like smileys. It will help users to express their emotions & feelings in a better way.

    Third Now a days it is very common to provide a chat / notification window on the web site. Like an example you can visit facebook .com. there you will find a menu at the bottom of the page where one can communicate with online user instantly.

    Fourth: Status and Mood of the user if added will be good. Status in a meaning of Online or Offline.

    Fifth: Invitations are weak, I mean when we want to invite group of people from our other address books like msn, yahoo, gmail, outlook etc we need to type one by one address. It will good if a direct access to other email address books is provided through proper checks and access rights.

    Sorry for saying alot. I should give a chance to others also.

    with regards

    Take a good care of ur self

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