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    Ohh I saw many people writing: also in another forums, how boring it is and so many negative things, thisone is harmless. Also writing so negative things about the swiss-people. Maybe with this thoughts in your mind its quite difficult....
    to less party, to less this.

    Hey, Its just another peace of land. Land is land. I dont feel, I am swiss or I am Italian. Mother is maybe Italian, father Austraian, maybe both are swiss, grandfather was maybe italian or german..

    I am swiss, fully swiss, but dont thing: ohh I am swiss. Switzerland is just another pice of land on this planet. You are the people in this country and you make it to the place it is. Not we can make friends for you. Its just an other pice of land in witch you are. Same also to USA, Italy and all other countrys.

    If you dont like this country, change it. If its so nice in your country, make our place the same. If you dont find friends, be friends. If you dont like the rich, make something for the poor. If you dont like the money in our country, dont make too rich people in your own country...

    .... be nice to the people leaving inside this country... they are italian, german, us, spanish..., be nice to them....

    make this liddle pice of land to the land you want it

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