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What is Canada like (for foreigners)?

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Hello everybody!
I'm considering leaving Europe and go to an oversea country (at least when I saved enough money for this).
What is Canada like? Is it easy to settle down and feel homelike?


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    I live in Vancouver.
    If u want to buy in Canada is excellent and inexpensive studio recommend real estate
    it's good team.

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    Ah what can i say :/ im speachless

    Canada is amazing i went there this summer 09 from june till
    september 13 =p , it was the best summer ever <3 !
    Canadian are seriously the most FRIENDLY people , i lived in Hamilton with my aunt and uncle i really loved it so quiet , clean , Beautiful ..
    i went to Tornoto , Montreal , Niagara falls !

    - Toronto : i dont remember where did we go in Torontoexcept Wonderland <3 ! , shopping was great !

    - Montreal : GORGEOUS dunno why it reminded me of europe ,
    but the only problem was some of them were only speak French we had problem dealing with them , some movie theatres do dub movies to french-_-

    - Niagra falls : the best thing own earth xD i'll never forget the falls
    never get bored of watching them <3 i used to stay all day near the falls walking sitting on grass reading .. xD a lot of activities are there in niagara andinteresting things like greg frewin theatre ( magician )
    i have to go back to canada only to see the falls again ;o

    Lol dunno why people are saying Canada's winter is depressing
    why ?? i want to try it i like snow ! i was so jealous seeing my cousins skiing in "blue mountain" i guess :l
    my aunt used to stick some wisdom in the fridge because she said winter was so depressing ;o LOL

  • Gabi Sabar

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    Hi Edvin,

    you can bet on it, it is very easy with wonderful people!!!
    I am from Berlin, Germany, but I have been many times in Canada.
    I intend to immigrate some day, first my son will go.
    The east coast is good to start, land is cheap, the west coast is expensive, but very good too.People are very helpful and trustworthy.
    Feel free to write and ask, if I can give you some advise, I will.

    Have a nice day

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    I don't know what kind of cadillac health insurance policy your employer in the US was able to get for you, but I'll tell ya that in the United States of America you actually have to wait 4 or 5 months to get a doctors appointment in many cities! That's just a regular appointment! I personally had to wait for over one year to get into see an OBGYN! That leaves me going to emergency rooms for every day care AND I HAVE INSURANCE! This so-called rationing already happens in the US health care system. There is nothing to romanticize about it. Plus, the facts just don't support any delusion that the US has a superior health care system. We have higher infant mortality rates, lower death rates, higher rates of serious, life-threatening illness than most all other industrialized nations. So what if people buy supplemental private insurance policies in Canada. So do Medicare recipients here! Nothing is more disturbing to me than US citizens who irrationally believe we have a better health care system. I have Canadian friends too, and they are more than satisfied. You should really check your facts - sales taxes in Chicago and NYC are around 10%. The collective tax toll on US citizens is not really that much less than other industrialized countries - yet we get less for it! Get real.

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    the big problem we may face is language. is there anybody who is intrested in helping me in english?

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    Canada is a good city in all aspects. I was also there sometimes before and it was wonderful experience about Canada. I have been rented one apartment to live and i stayed there for 2 months.Every thing as I feel was good enough.


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    hey, real thanks for all those informations that's are sooo usful!
    i'm a young person from tunisia, and i just though if you could help me to know how can i have a work visa, in any speciality(drivinf taxi, restaurant, anything...)
    i really wanna work in canada but i don't have any information of how to reach it!
    i'll really really appreciate an answer from you dear miiss
    PeaCe ;)

  • nader massoud

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    hi everyone i read all your posts.and each advice is quite helpful regardless of different oppinions.i live in dubai i have 1 year experiance in the banking sector. graduated from the America university of sharjah. with a duel concentration in accounting and MIS . i am 21 years of age and i am planning to immigrate to canada.please tell me about my chances in canada?,because all of you know better. and i want an advice.

    as for my personality i am highly sociable i love and respect different cultures and i believe that we all must learn how to enjoy our life together regardless off our orign. that is one main reason i want to be a canadian. culturer diversity is a key experiance in life.

    as for jobs. i am always optimistic because like everyone is complaining now about canada and its jobs.the entire world is the same regardless where you live. i live in dubai one of the richest gulf countries because of fuel.i graduated and only me from the batch of my friends found a job.and it has been a year. my point that unemployment is everywhere you just have to have the right mentallity keep on trying and eventually you all will get a job.

    looking forward to hear from all of you
    best wishes

  • Mildred Rodriguez

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    oye mamacita de verdad que estas amargadita heeeee!!! si deberas todo esta tan mal porque sigues ahí?

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