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    Ah what can i say :/ im speachless

    Canada is amazing i went there this summer 09 from june till
    september 13 =p , it was the best summer ever <3 !
    Canadian are seriously the most FRIENDLY people , i lived in Hamilton with my aunt and uncle i really loved it so quiet , clean , Beautiful ..
    i went to Tornoto , Montreal , Niagara falls !

    - Toronto : i dont remember where did we go in Torontoexcept Wonderland <3 ! , shopping was great !

    - Montreal : GORGEOUS dunno why it reminded me of europe ,
    but the only problem was some of them were only speak French we had problem dealing with them , some movie theatres do dub movies to french-_-

    - Niagra falls : the best thing own earth xD i'll never forget the falls
    never get bored of watching them <3 i used to stay all day near the falls walking sitting on grass reading .. xD a lot of activities are there in niagara andinteresting things like greg frewin theatre ( magician )
    i have to go back to canada only to see the falls again ;o

    Lol dunno why people are saying Canada's winter is depressing
    why ?? i want to try it i like snow ! i was so jealous seeing my cousins skiing in "blue mountain" i guess :l
    my aunt used to stick some wisdom in the fridge because she said winter was so depressing ;o LOL

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