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    As a current employee of Iale school I feel that I should comment on the points made above. I am a British teacher and I have not only stayed for my full contract, but I will be returning next year. With regards to Brit Teacher above: we do get sick pay, you are meant to bring in a medical certificate (as with all schools in Spain as I understand it), however you are still paid if you do not bring one in. We have the occasional weekend meeting, I think I have attended 4 this year. These are for the Christmas and Summer fairs, the children's holy communion etc. not that different to in the UK. We are expected to work the summer camp in the month of July, again as is the usual in schools in this area. This coming year we will get a minimum of 5 PPA sessions a week. We do have to do a duty each day, but seeing as the lunch hour is over an hour and a half long, you still get a minimum of 45 minutes for lunch.
    The quality of teaching has been low in the past, but this coming year that will change. We will be taking part in the Power of Reading project, an exciting way to teach Literacy through Literature, with trainers coming from the UK to ensure that everyone is fully able to teach this. While resources have been inadequate in the past, this year a lot of money has been spent on raising the standard, and I have always been able to teach fun, inspiring lessons.
    I think that you have to take all the things written in the previous posts with a pince of salt. Working in a school in Valencia is never going to be the same as working in the UK. The vast majority of private schools here are profit making organisations, often run by a family with high levels of nepotism. Many schools in the area value money making over education and are poorly managed. That said, I do not believe that Iale compares unfavourably with other schools in the area. I have been very disappointed to see that people who had accepted a position have withdrawn it due to the things written on this forum. I know that everyone has a right to voice their opinion, but it would have been nice to have been approached myself and given a chance to address their concerns. The Directors know the problems that they have with native English staff and they are honestly trying to improve. I have been given that responsibility and I hope that in the near future we will see some positive things being written here about working at Iale.

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