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    Hi Tanya!

    I'm not excatly sure what you're referring to. There are 2 types of messages you get for friendship requests:

    (1) Someone has invited you as a friend. In this case, you get a message that you need to confirm the other persons friendship request. You can find this message under "messages" on the left menue and you should also see a notification on your homepage.

    (2) You have invited somebody else as a friend. In this case, you get a confirmation message when the other person accepts your friendship request. You should also see a notification on your homepage for this. In any case, the person should now show up under your friends on the the left menue.

    There might be an exception to these cases when a user gets blocked (we have measures in the system that block people who send harazzing messages, spam etc.). It could be that somebody invited you and got blocked afterwards. In this case, you might have received a message but will not find the invite of the person anymore as blocked people should not show up anywhere. This is a little bit confusing, but we do so to protect our members.

    Does this answer your question?

    Best regards,

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