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    And why again

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    Well, I believe nobody is enjoying the inefficiency. I wish I'm a government official and I could address that matter but I'm not.

    I'm fascinated how observant you are and how you suggest to these people to work etc etc when you've only gone to one place in our country. There are some truth to what you've said but you must not generalize.

    I have met a dutch Robert, a child and as a fourth grader she was nice enough to teach me some hard to pronounce words which requires some effort from my throat which later on led to giving up. I was also wondering why European words are hard to pronounce or even speak.

    Thank you for respecting ours while you were here and I believe it's really tough to understand someone's culture especially if you don't dig in. :) Only when you get to find friends that you'd be able to look on the better side of the boat.


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