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    Dear Jessy Celo,

    I visited Cebu City twice(each intant about 21 days) to meet my partner. We both travelled also to Dumaguete City (just for 24 hours). I enjoyed both CC (Cebu City) and also Dumaguete City. But I didnt like the chaotic traffic, the in-efficient jeepneys (no fixed time tables, no fixed jeepney stops). Overall, everywhere we go, I met nice and kind people (always smiling, which is strange because each individual can be grumpy and moody now and then).

    If DOT's slogan really is "Its more fun in the Philippines" and that slogan should attract more (foreign) tourists, they should start installing fixed bus/jeepney stops and fixed time tables. On top of that, make jeepneys and buses higher so that tall foreigners wont bump/hit their heads all the time. And please stop calling "provincial roads" as "highways".

    Its really absurd that a distance of 67 km should take 2 hours by bus driving on a so called coastal "highway".

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