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    Re: Can someone explain me WHY those people still think so different compared to

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    Dear Oliver Sta. Maria,

    My only objective/goal was and is to understand why Philippine people live today the way they live/think/behave/breathe. I do know that no country is the same. But because we all are humans, I, at least, expected that the basics would be the same (at least).

    A good example of those basics are the Maslow's hierarchy of needs

    To me it seems that almost all Philippine people are still in the bottom section of that pyramid. While most westerners are aiming much higher. And aiming higher has nothing to do with having no income, being stuck in an old-fashioned culture/traditions.

    "The good news is, I have lived a quarter of my life outside our country and believe me - things have indeed slowly change and I am hoping that as a nation, we will get there." => I hope so too. I just wish all those people a "richer" emotional and financial live.

    Regards, Robert

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