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I'm hearing lots of terrible stories about German men and their lack of romance. Is this true? Anybody got any "real-life experience"? :-)

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    Hi all,
    I am German, living in Germany, female. I don't mind German men, some of them are nice, some of them stupid, just like in any other country.
    But nevertheless I really don't know how they get into, let's say a "deeper relationship"... because to me it seems that they don't do anything (and in the very rare cases they "did" something to get closer, in my opinion it was not very seductive)!! Believe it or not, I didn't have ANY romance or sexual experience with a German, just with non-Germans xD ...saludos cordiales a Argentina sobre todo jaja...

  • Lucy T.

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    having a bad experience doesn't mean ALL people are the same,for example I lived in Argentina for quite a while and on the opposite that some ignorant people can say I got to know extremely nice Argentinian friends and workmates,they re not venting about themselves all the time or lie,they re cared,friendly and always willing to give you a hand,so I totally disagree German men are all the same.The German way doesn't suck at all,you just had ONE bad could have happened there or in China,don't take others opinions for granted.



  • Vicky Zizi

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    haha, the articles are really helpful, and I think there's at least a little bit of true behind every German man ; ))

  • Lucy T.

    not so sure...

    posted by  Lucy T. in Germany forum 

    Sebastian,I think you surely had a bad experience with some people in particular,hope u dont live in Germany if u think it "sucks" I wouldnt live in a country I dont like.and I dont think it sucks the help they give to many inmigrants,including myself.

    My fiance is German,and im very happy with him so far,he is sincere,passionate,honest,outgoing...nothing bad to say about German guys.and people is very nice,they might be not so friendly at first,but is a matter of time to get to know them well,and i love the fact no one talks on your back or cares about your personal life that much.don't forget there re stereotypes about ALL COUNTRIES! it doesnt mean all people fit on what others think...specially if they have never lived or visited the country.every person is a whole different world,no matter where they came from.



  • Beckie Neuhaeuser

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    This is so completely true. I was married to a German man for almost 10 years. We just recently divorced and he still can't take the hint and he is still bugging me. Even being direct doesn't work with him. I am actually moving to Germany to get away from him since he is here in the states with me

  • Amorcito

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    I am not agree, my man is german 100%, and he is lovely, sweet and romantic. And he made me very very very happy.

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    Hola Eliana! Soy nueva en la comunidad y tambien soy peruana. Veo que conoces sobre Alemania y me gustaria que heches un ojo a mis discusiones en el foro porque son cosas que en realidad quiero saber. Apreciaria mucho tu ayuda y tu tiempo =)

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    Lols, I think u're right, she's always posting articles and never replying when people reply her own posts.
    I'm new here and I see u live in Germany. I have a couple of discussions and it would really make my day if you go check them and reply ^^

  • felix ajir

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    Hey, friend,
    the flowers are
    all gone,
    and the sunshine
    is hiding in
    the wintery sky,
    so I wanted to
    send you a
    warm hug and
    some sunshine
    to let you know
    you're in my
    thoughts today.
    I'll do my best
    to send you
    the warmth of summer
    when winter winds
    come your way.

  • Jas K.

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    Hahahah...reading the article really made me smile. I do think some of it is true, based on the German men I've met after moving to Frankfurt abt a year ago. However, I wonder what an article like this would say abt British men. I'm currently dating one and I have to say, they're not easy to read as well! Anyone has any advise?

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