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I'm hearing lots of terrible stories about German men and their lack of romance. Is this true? Anybody got any "real-life experience"? :-)

  • angie gal

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    sounds like a good deal!! i ll get one! ;) lol

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    posted by  becky becky in Germany forum 

    I suppose romantic feelings die down with time after a rejection..
    If the person with the attraction is unable to let go of those feelings ...they become a destructive force, I think then it's in that persons best interest to back away from the friendship temporarily or permanently.
    It might also be difficult to maintain a friendship where only one sided strong attraction remains.... BUT inspite of all these... I Believe it depend on the individual and continuing the friendship is possible...who knows it might even trun out to be a stronger bond...
    BTW even if its not of any interest to you..just want to mention that I am really liking my german guy...I think he is the cutest person that exists on earth right now.;). And somehow I feel that he thinks the same..:D

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    All things considered, I think that the main problem is to find out what is German and what is just human, or rather, male behaviour.
    I wish I could say that when it comes to women, but hey, doesn´t that apply to guys everywhere??

    Oh, and btw, did the "good friends" part ever work out?? I wouldn´t know, but I think once one party has stated deeper feelings and the other didn´t reply in kind, wouldn´t that be too awkward to let the friendship continue?
    What are your experiences?

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    You're very welcome. Yes, life is too short so take a risk. If he says yes then there you go and if he says no then you can be good friends :-)

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    Thank you diana.This is really relieving.I guess I just want someone to push me.I am thinking of telling him,but I am only scared what I will go through if he doesnt feel the way I do.Nevertheless life is short and oppurtunity comes once,Its either YES or NO.Life moves on.....Fingers crosseed!!! :)

  • Go ahead

    posted by Deleted user in Germany forum 

    Long distance relationship or communication is always confusing. Once you will meet him then you will find him more open.

    About that girl if he said she is his friend then she is only his good friend, I've never seen German lying even for their own benefits. This is one of the reason Germans are not good sales people.

    If I were you I would tell him my feelings right away, then he will clear your confusion. In general Germans are very honest so I'm sure that he will tell you the truth.

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    I enjoyed reading this post because it relates to my situation somehow.I am asian gal.I met this quite nice and sweet german guy while backpacking to one of the country in asia.We met at a bar and he came there for a vacation with his friend( gal), he said they are just good friends.I still think they are.The few days we spent together was awesome. He told me about himself, his family and all.He even asked me if I should consider marrying a german,I really felt we had some kinda deep connection.Now hes back to germany and me back to my country.We keep in touch by mails through skype and Fbk.Havent really had a converstion.I miss him a lot and feel like i hve fallen for him.But I am really confused about him.I dont thinnk he feels the same way as I do.Though in the vacation i felt he was more into me than me into him.Should i tell him about my feelings or just wait for him????


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    Thanks for the article. I'm married to a German guy for almost 6 years and what is written in this article is very true. German men do not like superficial talks, no matter how good looking you are, or how big is your bank balance, they don't care if you are simply ignorant. If you both are students then don't expect him to pay your bill, Germans hardly ask their parents to finance their higher education so it is quite normal that he expects you to split the bill. On the other hand if you date working guy then its true he will pay the bill but if he does not then there is a chance that he does not like you (or he will make you his friend but not his girl friend...)

    German guys are shy but in parties they get some courage to talk with girls. I never met any German who was pushy, it was more than a small comment to let them know that I'm not interested and they respected that.

    I agree German man is not romantic, he will not sing any song or write a poem for you, even he will not cuddle you in nice evenings but he will be honest to you.

    Like in any culture there are also some jokers kind of German men, luckily they are rare and you will recognize them and I bet you wont go for a date with them ;-)

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    This topic just put a smile on my face : )
    I wish I were luckier when it comes to "love and german men". The ones I've met so far have all the (e-hem) "qualities" you don't want to find in a man.
    Still, I can't say anything really bad about them... they were good boys with a sweet soul after all!
    Unfortunately just now I find myself with a broken heart because of another german man... Well I guess it can happens and that's the life, isn't it?!
    Maybe I should just give up on them and run away next time I meet one and wants a date hehe

  • Ms Arni

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    This discussion kinda funny, sometimes make me remember abt my german guy :D

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