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Company Number: 7407375
Company Registered Address: 1414 London Road, Norbury, London, SW16 4BZ
Registered in England

Sales Support Phone: 0044-2079930204
E-mail : [...]

Phone : 0044-2079930211
E-mail : [...]

Gupshup connection is advertised daily on UK based Pakistani based sky channels especially ARY ONE NEWS. They claim that you can enjoy unlimited calls to Pakistan for just £15.
you have to pay £90 as activation fee but in there promotion period you only have to pay £30 to start with in LLYDS TSB sort code 308468, Account number 27909260. they built you confidence by saying don’t give us your bank details and pay cash in our bank account (which is safer with the reference number given by them on first call).
They will ask to buy 02 mobile pay as you go contracts as they will provide you with an access number which only works on o2 mobile network.
Once you do all that they use delaying tactics and say we haven’t received any payments from you at all. We don’t know you!
When I got a bit angry they gave me a fake access code (mobile number) which doesn’t work and is a premium number (which means that every time you call on this number you will be charged).

Their website mentions use of CDMA phones but what they say is completely different!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No one answers call from their customer service number 02079930211.
On other numbers same person answers the call and every time tells a different name!

Please stop advertising them as you may be making money but innocent people are robbed by your cooperation. How can ARY advertise without checking the reputation of the companies?

I hope they can be stopped and taken to court and innocent people are saved from their scam.


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    Dont fall for this type of product. There are plenty of alternatives out there, where you can make unlimited international calls from mobiles for free WITHOUT PAYING ANY MONTHLY FEE.

    Two alternative services that work on O2 are:


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    gupshup waly buhat bary behan k loray or behan choud hain in say bachena yeh chour hain kuttay hain kameeny hain ma ny in ko 30pounds diay aj say kafi months pehly un logon nay mujh say paisya lay liay aur mujhey koi connection nae dia behano aur bahio in salon say bach k rehna inki add ma aata tha YAQEEN NAE AATA war jaun inki maan ki kuss main yeh ksi kothay wali ki aulad ma say hain saly kutty kameeny harami hain ma ny tv walon say bat ki k un salon ki add ab q nae chala rehay ho to tv walon nay kaha k unki add puray uk k tv chanel ny band krwa di ha ab kbhi bhi un salon ki add nae chal sakti uk ma, abhi to pata chala hay kay in haramion k bank account bhi tsb aur barclays bank nay band kr diay hain q k tum log her gareeb ko maan detay ho her kisi ko behan detay ho warr jaun tum logon ki maan ki kuss main

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    Slam to all my pakistani bros and sis i you will be fine there. May your whole the days go well and you will succeed in your whole days....

    Let me tell you about my issues that i have bought in the shape of graet mentaly disturbance in 35GBPs from gupshup connection and mymagicon. Inshallah very soon they will caught up very soon because in that bloody team we are traced out from our resources i want to tell his name but after some days because firstly i want to resolved my issues....Sorry now i am going to office then i will discuss you later Inshallah........

    Usman Saqib.....

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    Slam to all my muslim pakistani bros and sis i want ot discuss you who destroy their money from a well known uk based fraud company which is the ne is GUPSHUP CONNECTION.

    All my dears no need to worry that let me tell you if GUPSHUP CONNECTION is not refunding your money so simply you need to contact FSA( Financial Services Authorites ) just simple call to FSA, let see the GUPSHUP CONNECTION bastard refund the money. Its reality like this you can refund your money from them. With two working days will refund your money strait away in your bank account,besides this you can not refund your money from them.

    For further assitance you can share with me without hasitation Inshallah i will help you where it is possible.

    Take Care my all Pakistani Muslim bros and sis

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    yeh bohat baray froud walay haan mujh say 30pound liay aor conection nahi diya account bhi band kar diya ha Allaha in ko garaq karay Ameen....

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    Thank you so much brother for commenting here as well as people here are thinking that we are mentally disturbed persons.. they commented alot that we are blaming this company for no reason.. anyway its thinking.. sorry to say brother i read your thread later on 4th July and till then money has been taken out from my account.. and they are not refunding money until a month when we will forget,. brother read my comments and when i said k i m giving zakat in this month of ramdan then one of gupshup team person was angry that we are providing services but not collecting zakat,,,anyways they offered to give me 2 months free services just to get started.. why would i buy another contract and pay extra money...people who are responding here i think they are gupshup team people just to avoid their mistakes and misguiding..anyway ALLAH will as them for cheating people.. i was willing to give them at least 10 people for their services but can you imagine now i will never ever trust any pakistani company.. why would we people are always making illegal more comments to say and let other people supporting them,,.. i am happy at least others are happy..
    JazakaALLAH khair

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    Mr Ashraf
    i am totally agree this is exactly what happend with me.they initially has not told me anything about you must have an unlimited call netwrok of O2 OR ORANGE if you are intersted in this package.
    if someone tell me why should i wish to but this service on 3 network when they do not run this service on 3 network. why should i pay them £25 when i would know i will not get service of unlimited calls. this is totally misguided from their customer representatives.
    i have already running one contract and if i wil but new contract of unlimted calls of cross network which is in my opinion not less than at least £60 p/m and pay them £15 every month aswell. total cost will be approximately £75-£80
    which is in my opinion is too much

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    Dear Zeeshan,
    You must be disappointed what they have done with me. If they are very good with you and providing you good service that's nice to hear and really shocked, however whatsoever they have done with us it is really unbelievable. You must read notice board carefully they did not tell me anything about you must have an unlimited calls network of O2 or either Orange. But why not this has not been told us initially? This is a first rule of good customer services to tell consumer in detail about new product.

    Secondly why do they disconnect the call as soon as if you asked for refund? Although they have promised me you have been misguided and we will give you refund but it is more than a month why not they are giving me refund.

    I have provided my customer ID as well as requested but still no one has taken any respond.

    I am still happy to take this service if you allow this service on 3 mobile. I am a Muslim, why I should lie and misguide people; I just want to spread this information as much as I can that you must have an orange or O2 contract for unlimited calls although this is their job.

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    I got my self sign up 5months ago and the sales dept. of the mymagicon is OWSUM becuz i hav got my acess numbers within 6 working hours and their IT dept. make me a call to deliver my acess numbers i am very happy with the service my friends also join mymagicon and mymagicon gave me bonus for that.......

    I read the comments as obove mention and very disopointed to read that many peoples do not agree with the mymagicon and blamed it any ways i have a big family in UK and my most of the family and friends join the mymagicon so long...

    cust id MS-5573

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    for Riya raja and s ahmed

    posted by  s ashraf in United Kingdom forum 

    my respected sister and brothers... i m not talking about their services ..i hope and understand that they must be very good.. my only point is that they should clearly says everyone before taking money that this service is only for orange and o2 users...which mobile network are you using for calling..ALLAH ne boht akal di ha aap logon ko but u r just talking about services...anyways i dont want to involve in any arguments..enjoy your gupshup ..


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