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    posted by  s ashraf in United Kingdom forum 

    Thank you so much brother for commenting here as well as people here are thinking that we are mentally disturbed persons.. they commented alot that we are blaming this company for no reason.. anyway its thinking.. sorry to say brother i read your thread later on 4th July and till then money has been taken out from my account.. and they are not refunding money until a month when we will forget,. brother read my comments and when i said k i m giving zakat in this month of ramdan then one of gupshup team person was angry that we are providing services but not collecting zakat,,,anyways they offered to give me 2 months free services just to get started.. why would i buy another contract and pay extra money...people who are responding here i think they are gupshup team people just to avoid their mistakes and misguiding..anyway ALLAH will as them for cheating people.. i was willing to give them at least 10 people for their services but can you imagine now i will never ever trust any pakistani company.. why would we people are always making illegal money..no more comments to say and let other people supporting them,,.. i am happy at least others are happy..
    JazakaALLAH khair

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