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    Listen me carfuly all the peoples which they are using gupshup connection and mymagicon, Firstly, let me tell you i am using gupshup connection last 2years at that time gupshup connection offered only 1 number in pakistan i am totaly satisfied from that 1 number. I can say and will proof that i am satisfied...And then second i subscribed the other offer which was interduced from gup shup connection by name mymagicon. I took this service and now a days i am using 3numbers in pakistan and 1 number in dubai and 1 in Japan. In the 5months time period i have no complains from mymagicon and their whole team sales department and support department and espically i have soooooo happy from divertation department where mr.Ali fully co-operated with me wether in day time and any other time like that at late night, i am sooooo thankful to mr Ali because he provide me personaly attention give for me.

    I do not know oue honorable muslims brothers miising talk against gupshup connection and mymagicon i do not know what they want to say and want to do....................................................?

    Any way every persons have own thinking and own choices but i do not want to say nothing about our any good and honorable mslims (GOD GIVE THEM THE RITE PATH ) AAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEN.

    S.Ahmed MS-5721


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