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    Dear Anabela,

    I live in Portugal for 12 years now, so you can see I like it (otherwise I had to go!)
    But I don't agree with you that the Portuguese food is the best of the world. I know that a lot of the Portuguese have the same opnion, just as they tell you about the saucages rom their particular region and of course their region is the most beautyfull of Portugal. Nothing new!
    You can have a good meal for a low price, but the best of the world???? You should travel (or taste) more!

    Next to that: a lot of Portuguese restaurants don't have heating so you have to have your meal with your coat on in winter but stay with cold feet. Very often the food (as rice for example) is hardly warm.
    But you will learn where to go in winter and where in summer. We have to respect the people and the country where we like to live in, that's for sure.
    Never the less I see there is a lot to change in future and every Portuguese will agree about the burocraty, "cunhas", justice, organisation, equal rights, help for abused women, social aid, domestic violance etc.
    Of course we have In my country problems too, but others and may be we need a Portuguese to point it out better.

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