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    The least i could do is wish you the best too...I'm doing good thank God, i always have. I'm not the only one, let's say pointing out all this stuff about this side of the austrian society, the one giving it in more detail, perhaps... @ Pseudo Nym I just live here mate, it was not a problem for me to find a good in the 13th district which is quite nice... All you need is money and with that you buy even smiles. I dont work in austria or europe for that matter so i have never needed a job here. I just come here because it seems quieter and all i do here is rest. But having lived in England and France, to mention the European countries i've lived (more than 2 years each) and found things socially less complicated, i realise that some people here have a severe trauma, maybe from the war era and have transmitted it thru generations. As i said there are great austrians here i happen to know and enjoy their company and they enjoy mine. Like your English colleagues, i haven't had a major problem finding girlfriends... Plural because i don't work here, i leave the country from time to time to work and sometimes it takes me months and they're not really willing to wait till i come back, if i actually do (due to my background which i can't really go into too specifically) so, in that sense i have to pretty much start from zero everytime i come back... Going back to the trauma thing, it really intrigues me how the majority of the let's say "native" population here tend to have long faces on the streets and are sometimes even coursing when it's too hot, because it's too hot and doing the same in winter because it's too cold, for instance, it's an attitude, simple. And when they spot a foreigner, let's say asian, arab, black, latino or with a different (darker) colour of skin they just change that apparent politeness and "discreetly" reject that person in everyday possible. IN your case, even if you're not austrian, you're white and that is a big deal here and in the whole of Europe, it buys you have way through acceptance. I've lived (worked actually) in africa and for the last 8 years mostly in Arab countries, and in spite of the armed conflicts and poverty in which you find those countries you find politeness, respect and warmth, and that is very very rare here where most people have everything... It might not be my personal experience to get a working visa and "steal" some austrian a work place or get an entry permit but i talk to people from everywhere and there are some who have had to struggle not only to get those that i mentioned but they are also having a hard time trying to get acceptance, tolerance, appreciation and even respect in this country, and that my friend is low, way low for a 1st world society. You're right saying that everyone has a different experience and that is based on two things, how much money do you have and how you look like, simple. I came here and had me flat already, i rented it from france thru a real state office maybe just like you did, but how about people who flee from conflict areas and dont have a choice but to stay here, where they and their families are not gonna get killed if they stay home? Who have little money or no money at all? Are they less worthy of respect and or consideration than me or you for not having money? For not being Europeans??? I have borrowed some experiences and have found out that all this are facts, i havent been in such a position but i do empathise with those who have, cause i have seen with my own eyes what they go through in their home countries and people here may only read in the papers about it or watch it on the news for 15 mins and then switch to Germany's next top model. A short story of mine, is rather an anecdote, the whole thing makes me laugh, is the one with a neighbour who has clearly problems with brown people like me, She's a lady in her mid 50's, austrian, lives alone, and talks normally to other people but when it comes to me, her whole face wrinkles even more than it already is and keeps silent even if i say "hi"," Good morning, afternoon or evening", help her with her groceries!! You wouldnt believe it bruv, the most i've gotten from her is a nodding of the head wioth her face still extra wrinkled, only for me but never a thank you, no greens, nothing, hard to crack the old lady...!! And like her there are two or three in the building... Mate, i dont care really, it does not make me "feel" anything butl pity, really... There are other people who actually feel hurt and offended for such feed back and i would not say thats the worst part but, not allowing you to rent a flat if you're not austrian?? (as wrote in my first post... Feel free to call Pemal real state office and see) or not giving you a job for not being white?? It's like not allowing you to leave and that is aggravating... @ Caro, you're one of those people with a heart pumping blood and feeling for others, i value and respect that and the entire world would be a much better place if most people were doing the thinking you do.

    Blessings to both of you and your families!

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