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    Ohhhh noooooooooooo i think you all missunderstand "us" - of course i think you all only know VIENNA and their inhabitants!!!!
    Look - vienna and the people there are really different to the people for example in salzburg or the little citys......and i have to say... i dont really like the people in vienna (i live there, but was born in a another part of austria)
    of course yes....i have the same feeling in the case of the languaege-- when you dont speak german, too much people dont talk to you - but where you ever in france??? ;) the same like there, and there its okay?

    however, many austrians are nice people, just need time for getting warm with other cultures....

    so when i am allowed to give a advice:
    learn some german words (i know, not very easy but try it) and try to practise this words.....and you will get many nice reactions ;)
    and when you are a loveley and open person, so i am sure you will find - also in a big and cold city like vienna - some loveley and nice people too.....

    wish you all a wonderful time in austria - when someone have questions - dont worry and write me a pn - i promise i am not one of those "bad bad cold" austrians ;)


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