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    Can anyone fathom the reason for this french mans actions

    posted by  mike bates in France forum 

    hi i'm new here, i recently met a french man who married my wifes niece, he seemed quite nice but three weeks after the wedding in thailand(she was thai)she was killed in an accident,after an argument with her new husband,
    and although he was yards away from her he niether went to her aid or verified her status.

    he flew back to france the next day and made no attempt to conact her family
    or answer their calls untill four days later,
    the day of her funeral when he asked for a copy of the death certificate and her passport + i d to be forwarded to france for him,
    there was other what i would call strange circumstances that came to light in the aftermath of her death. but i would like peoples opinion of his actions, because we still don't know/understand why he deserted her in her last moments. thanks.

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