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    1) I love the organic food.
    You can easily find it in any supermarket. And also some fish and meat have a label that certifies that this animal was not fed with transgenic food.

    2) Cheese variety. Rocamadeur, Saint Felicien, COMPTE, Reblochon (for cooking Tartinflette), Beaufort, Tomme, ....

    1) French people are a bit serious. It must be because of the weather, always grey and you can almost never see the sun in winter. And if you bump into someone, they will remain silent. (I am more used to Australia and US where people say sorry even if it is not their fault)

    2) Administration is horrible. Many times when I call for information, they do not want/like to repeat twice. The thing is that I am a foreigner, and my French is not perfect, therefore an educated person would kindly repeat twice for a foreigner, not just state that they have already explained ONCE.

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