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    In the past it's true that especially construction workers used to say "piropos" to girls and some of them were rude, but nowadays they don't do that normally.
    It's true that we are noisy in general and we have fewer rules for "being polite" than other countries, so they can see us as rude, but at the same time for us it's rude to ignore people who are next to us on certain occasions, so we tend to talk to people next to us even if we don't know them. (It's not necessary to establish a chat with everyone, but for us it's rude don't say "hola" or " buenos días/tardes/noches"and "hasta luego" in a lift, in a waiting room,...), and if you go to your friend's house you have to say: "hola" to the rest of the people who are with him.
    On the other hand, we tend to call "guapa" (beauty) or "preciosa" (beautiful) to girls or women when talking, even women tend to use these words toward other women, girls or children when we want to show affection, and we want to say something nice to someone.
    In Spain we tend to use compliments not only to get sex, but to be nice with other people.

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