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    Seriously I dont know if you are kidding. Maybe you are on some drug and in an unexplained way you landed on another country. Without even considering your blameful actitude towards the whole forum, it is sad you dare entitle yourself to write in this offensive way. And, by the way....frankly the "prostitute cost" is something a "normal" tourist is not immediately acquainted with, unless you are really "concerned" in. You catch it?. From your photo I guess you are a poor obsessed miwamo ...
    Astonishing, it seems your priorities in life are prostitution and fashion...No any other aspect of spanish life has reached your brain during holidays?? it is clear, you are absolutely a nitwit.
    So better you avoid let your head overwhelmed by travelling ...Have you ever considered staying at home and dont show all the world you are a perfect stuckup. ??

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