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    Thank you for your comment I would like to ask you dose spinish guy love a woman with doing sex in thier relationship ? and if he always meet her in the summer but no sex or make out do you think he still loves her ? mY Friend is muslim so it is impossible to accpet any man to kiss her or sex in her realtionship however she met a spainish guy in Malaga every summer before 5 years and she started thier relationship in 2007 after that he disapperaed to a few months and she got depressed after afew month he send to her love song and they come back again he always send to he love songs and he like her however he would ne accept if she asking him out , she asnwerd that question but I do not know maybe becasue she knew that she is a muslim and it is impoissible to have a sex I do not know nut in my view he is rode to answred this question , anyway he put engaged in his profile on facebook with her and she told him to change him name in feacebook becasue she wants her relationship with him secret becasue she is muslim and from conservitive country ,Saudi Arabia you konw conservitive country , and he did and he changed his name , I think to told her it is diffecult to be tograther form long trem I 'm not sure for that but you know he told her I love you but it diffcult our rlationship , she still loves him after all this becasue her age is 40 and he is 33 so she did not find guy excpet him so it hard to her to find guy in her age so that she still with him , I hope you understand but realy I want to know if spainish guy in love what he can do ? do you think he love her ? I think he like her but now in love with her as much as she in love him and he understand that she in love with him so that he did not find agirl loves him as much as she so that he still with her , I am sure he chearting her I do nor think so that spainish guy keep a way from sex becuase he has relationship with girl without sex because of love hahahah

    Thank you

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