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    "I was reading ugly comments "Football

    posted by  patrick eso in Germany forum 

    The just concluded ENGLISH FA cup played at Wembly. Two players born in thesame Country coleided on the pitch on the opposite side. We know what happened on the pitch.Nobody supports bad tackle,but what drives me crazy is what I have been reading in German yahoo.de comments people are saying .Some people just write things that are racist there.somebody wrote his othere 50%blood is bad.How could correct human beings lose there head.Many people are already translating so that people in Africa can understand how racist some people are. Can somebody tell me who made the Famous footballer from Holland go on early retirement in the 90's ,from which country.the truth shall be told.I Love football but fancy tackle like brazil. Not cut and rough edge harmer type.the youngman learn his craft in thesame neighbourhood.why should we deny him. It is our brand of product only it is not stamped fully with our consience.just a food for taught. I wish both of them well.

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