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    there are guys like this everywhere. especially where i live in the US
    and when i went to germany, the FIRST guy i met there
    was the sweetest most amazing guy i have ever ran into.

    and im sure he has his flaws but he just acted different
    then all the other guys i have met.

    but i dont think it is JUST german guys.
    it is all guys, and girls can be pretty bad too
    maybe your just talking to the wrong people
    or running into the wrong guys.

    honestly part of the reason im moving to germany
    is because the guy i met <3

    also. i heard that germans just have a more realistic look on things
    unlike some people in america and other places
    with the cinderella stories and false hopes of romance.
    ive been told the germans think more realistically
    so they dont get heart broken and because they know how the world really is

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