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    What I think (an incurable romantic girl)

    posted by  Li Lu in Germany forum 

    First: Morten, your life must be fade without romance.
    Second: May be German men are not romantic because German women can not deal with romance? That's what my BF thinks.
    Third: Romance is not something happening on a date, or at first sight. It takes time for two people to get to know eachother, to find out what is romantic for your partner, and romance is only in a relationship. You just have it or not, otherwise you have to work hard on it. And the perception of romance is different from person to person. Romance is a just another Y in the equation of love. I think it is romantic to fix a bike in the garage with my partner for example. May be 3 persons out of 1000 think the same. I think is very romantic to bake pancakes while my BF filles&rolls them and explains me how photovoltaic panels work. The romance you have at a date (a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine) is more linked to the lifestyle of someone than to romance. What if the girl prefers beer to wine? Romance is not only flowers, romance is not pink. Romance is to enjoy doing something together.
    Last: Latino lovers a re romantic? I harldy agree with that. My most boring dates were with a latino guy. I hope he is an exception!

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