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    am asking for advice from you since u seem honest.i have a german friend that ive known for an year and a half+we're really close(we go to movies tgather ect.) and even though hes not romantic(am a hopeless romantic),the oppsite of me but i love him.he smiles when he sees me,makes fun of me(but says sorry if i do get hurt from his harsh words),he is though the quite type and am not)when im with him alone i dont know what to say.he doent like his ex says shes a slut lol.and ive already told him that i like him and he said "i cant c us going more than being friends)he teases me about it and still is himself (i jumped on his back once just for fun once lol)did i forget to tell u he is so smart.do u think he doesnt know if he wants be as a friends so that we dont loss our friendship like my bf says or that their is a chance that he might like me"

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