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    It doesn't bother me you criticise NL. we Dutch do it all the time.Spain, Portugal , England and NL have a lot in common; our ships discovering the world, and trade with unknown , strange countries.
    And NL and Spain have also a fighting history, we still sing about it in our National Anthem., all about 450 yr ago.And we all have a colonial history with black pages, Spain and UK especially.And Slavery history too.
    I will be the last to say, we are superior to anyone. Everybody is equal, but it of course doesn't mean I have to like everybody. I have traveled a lot, and I know countries I won't visit again, even if the holiday was a present.I love China, the Bedouin in the Sinai I stayed with, people and country of New Zealand.And Spanish culture and architecture. Heck , we have 3 Calatrava Bridges in Hoofddorp!
    About Football; the quality of Barca is thanks to Cruyff and van Gaal,and the best players in the major teams are of course Dutch.lol.
    I don't think you are a Barca or RM fan......
    So enjoy yourself, and hopefully you meet the right Dutchies...

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