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    yep, difficult to give a proof...so lets aprove! :)

    thats discrimination. Would you like your daughter to be beaten and used? and her child to be given to the man who beaten her to grow the kid up into a perfect abuser!?
    somthing is not matching in the attitude of the authorities in this case with one man beating one woman after another! what could be the reason for them to be blind? I dont say they are corrupt...:) I do believe they just discriminate. It is easier to close eyes if smth can not be proven and call women-outsiders the " traumatized problem makers". It is difficult to give a proof... so lets aprove!

    interesting if these traumatised problem makers were traumatised before they met this perfect abuser , or he deliberatly searching for the ones who gonna be called traumtised problem makers to avoid responsibility? How come last 3 traumatised problem makers were not Dutch , but slavic women, how come society in Frisland immediatelly accepts their role pf traumatised problem makers asap when abuser has had enough and wants a new go?! How come he is chosen to be a role model for a growing child? Is that the way Society in nederlandse wants the kids to be grown up?! Interesting logo for a kindergarden "Bring a woman from Slavic country, abuse her, use, destroy, and bring a new one!". Nazi's were growing their kids like that. They never throught that was discrimination

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