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    Do you know that the Antilles since this month are just for a little bit 'Dutch', since Curacao, Sint Maarten and Aruba, are separate states in our Kingdom, Saba, ST.Eustatius and Bonaire 'special cities'within the Kingdom.Using US Dollar as currency.The other 3 will use the new Caribean Gulden,instead of the Antillian Gulden.A bit comparable with Britsh Commonwealt.
    They still have Dutch nationality, and can vote at European elections.
    About Dutch football; there are more foreigners playing in the Eredivisie , than Dutch,and by Dutch I mean everyone with Dutch passport.
    If you look at footbaal, you'll see it doesn't maater where you come from, you're part of the team.
    And the same with all people in NL, you belong to us.
    I disagree totally with you, that a majority of the Dutch are against muslim.
    Perhaps it looks like that, but it also depends which newspaper you read...
    I don't think this government will survive after Sinterklaas....

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