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    25 Kg for only 1,012.80!!!!

    posted by  Desert Vixen in Belgium forum 

    For real Anna Liza??? Only 1K ++ for a 25 KG??? I want one too. OMG! :) Do you know until when this promo is going to be? And does it apply to all FedEx branches here in Manila? And how's the coral reef in France? My fiance and I are also into diving. Maybe one time, we can all go diving. Yay! :D

    It's nice that you're busy with work, Felipe. It helps a little to take things off your mind. Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction? Just keep thinking it and it will come to you. ;) Stay positive.

    Hey ZD Pardo! I hope you had an awesome weekend (well, I'm sure you did. Hehehe). My fiance and I already talked about meeting you and Anna Liza in BE. Apparently, we' re also from West Flanders. Small world, eh? Can't wait! :)

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