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    Need help for a Cohabitation visa

    posted by  Cristian Soriano in Belgium forum 

    Hello po!

    First of all, thanks for this post of yours...I'm very glad to have seen this post about cohabitation visa.
    Also, congratulations that your visa is finally accepted and that you could be or you're maybe actually already with your partner.

    So here's my story...
    Actually I have been in a same sex relationship with my Belgian citizen partner for almost 12 years now... We have met a few times already over the past years and she even stayed in the Philippines for 9 months after she graduated in Belgium and we have lived together during those 9 months she stayed here.. and now that she's got a job in Belgium we are planning to leave together there and so she's planning to bring me to Brussels Belgium in a coupe of months from now... So we were thinking to apply for a cohabitation visa for we could leave legally together. She will go for a vacation in the Philippines after I have received my visa so we could go to BE together...

    My questions are, what are the documents that I need to provide the Belgian Embassy in the Philippines. And as I read on your post you needed to submit many proofs of your chats online. Could you please guide me about this? We have constant communication via internet during those 12 years and my question is "Do i need to submit all the conversations (detailed) that we had since day 1?" My concern is that 12 years is a very long period of time and to emphasize that friendster does no longer exist so I don't have every single conversations since day one.We doe have pictures together of course she still has some of her tickets (flight bookings when she came to PH but not sure if she has every single ticket since the fist time she came.)

    Also, what kind of questions did the consul asked you and your partner? and How long did you waited for them to grant your application? I'm quiet nervous about this because we have been planning to do this for quite a long period now and we really want to be together because skype is good but not just good enough for us to feel each others presence.

    Please I badly need your help about this,I hope you can reply ASAP. I'm looking forward to your reply.

    Many thanks in advance for all your help,

    P.S. Was this application difficult and was the embassy very strict about this?

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