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    Hello Guys

    posted by  Tere 419 in Belgium forum 

    I am wondering about the topic to Angela, I am sure she felt hard about the result like what I felt b4.
    Anyway about the suggestion of Ton, also it is ok only if you have much patience to wait about an appeal Angela because I know it is to long time like my case, it was reach almost one year or more than a year but it is still sad to say it was not success.
    By the way Angela if you submit to much prove on your application if you don't mind, is your BF aware about the new LAW in Belgium specially to his monthly income? I am just curious on it because my fiancee told me last few months ago that there is a new LAW in Belgium about the sponsoring Visa in which can affect to those all applicants. But anyway Angela don't lost hope just continue all what you have started I am sure sooner or later you can reach your dreams, We just keep praying for the success.

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