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    Hallo there!

    I just would like to share my visa journey because I think it is somewhat related to your inquiry. I applied for Fiancee Visa so we got married here in Belgium. When I applied for my visa almost 2 years ago, my hubby and I were not yet one year together in relationship and we have been together only for a month when he stayed in the Philippines. At first, we were worried and in doubt if we would get a visa approval since other people said it would not be possible given the fact that we were not yet more than a year in relationship. But then we still went on with our plan. Just one month before our one year anniversary, I got a visa approval. I waited for 3 months from the date of my application. We succeeded despite of other people's negativity towards my visa application.

    With regards to getting married in the Philippines, it is also possible if you prefer that and if it is more convenient for both you. You just have to apply for Family Reunification Visa. But you should remember that it is a case-to-case basis. It depends on the complexity of the case. Other couples get visa approval easily than others. It also depends on how it goes in the town hall of your partner. Some are strict and some are not. Other applicants got their visa just after one month and some waited up to six months. But like what I have said, it depends on the case. Goodluck to your visa journey! It is not easy but it is worth it. :)


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