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    Hi Rizsha,

    Welcome to the forum! :) If you read the first page of this topic (timeline for fiancee visa), you would've seen this link:


    It's a link to a blog post by my good friend, ZD Pardo. It tells you all you need to know regarding visit a friend visa application. ;)

    Regarding your question, you don't have to worry. They will ask you that question again during your brief interview (when you submit the requirements). And then you can say it's for a "visit a friend". Besides, you're also gonna fill up a form and you also have to indicate that information on the said form. So forget about what you said on the phone. ;) By the way, I would suggest that you already fill up the form prior to going to the embassy ('cause normally, you can get the form naman from the security guard and fill it up at the embassy). Here's the link to the visa application form:


    So when you arrive at the embassy, all you gotta do is relax, sit back and wait for your name to be called. ;)

    Good luck on your application. :)

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