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    Yep, KLM is more expensive. But I guess that's what I'm gonna take since it's fits my sched perfectly. My fiancee lives in Kortrijk. I think that's not too far from West Flanders too. Yay! It'll be so easy to met up with you guys. :)

    Btw, I tried calling the Embassy this afternoon. I tried several times for about half an hour and to no avail. There seemed to be something wrong with their lines. Nobody's picking up the phone (the operator). And I kept on being routed back to the main menu voice prompt. It was so frustrating. :S I sent them an e-mail anyway. I just really wish they will contact us very soon. I mean that kinda closes the deal if you know what I mean. It's like the final confirmation that our visas are ready.

    Let's keep each other posted, ayt?

    We hope to see you in the very near future, ZD Pardo. :)

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